How to Contact Your Twin Flame (Properly)

Even when we’re aware of tyouhe nature of the twin flame relationships sometimes it’s hard to know when to contact your twin, if you should or even how to do it. Twin flame connections go beyond normal methods of communication and this can be used to guide both you (and your twin) closer to union.

Knowing how and when to contact your twin flame (and if you should) is going to be unique to your journey. You might wait for synchronicities before reaching out or perhaps take a more subtle approach and use your bond to gently guide them to contact you.

Remember there are no hard-set rules so take this advice as a guideline. My advice is based on what I personally saw on the journey with my mirror soul and the stories I hear every day. If your own intuition is telling you to reach out then do it.

Let’s start with if and when you should contact them before looking at the how.

Should You Communicate With Your Twin Flame During Separation?

If you and your twin are not currently speaking (or maybe there’s a little conversation but not much) then it’s sometimes hard to know if you should reach out or give them some distance.

Note: If you haven’t already, make sure you’ve read the guide on twin flame separation. Understanding the reason behind these painful separation phases not only makes them easier to bear but also helps you bring them to a close.

Remember that twin flames are always connected. Even during difficult periods of physical separation. Even before you ever physically meet. Even if you’re on opposite sides of the world. Even if they have no understanding of the spiritual connection and journey you’re on together.

But should you actively be trying to communicate with your twin? Should you give them space?

It’s all too easy to always want to be in contact with a twin flame runner. Sometimes reaching out to them gives them the opportunity to set ego aside and stop running. Sometimes it’s a trigger for them to begin the process of healing and becoming ready to take that next step.

contacting your twin flameSometimes you’ll come across stronger than they’re ready for and it’ll trigger soul shock which will make things worse in the short term.

Like most of the twin flame journey, there’s no easy answer here. No simple way of knowing what the right thing to do is. A twin flame reading might give you some insight or you could use the Tarot yourself to help guide you.

Is it Okay to Contact Your Twin Flame During Separation? Can I Text Them?

We have to find that fine line between helping them without distracting ourselves from our own healing. It’s no use focusing completely on their progress and not being ready for union ourselves when they finally are.

My general rule of thumb (far from a hard set rule) is to make sure your runner twin knows you’re available in the physical dimension. Don’t constantly leave them messages or show up at their door – but let them know you’re available to talk.

Can You Surrender While Still In Contact With Your Twin Flame? In the meantime, we can actively reach out to their higher selves to help guide them onward. We’ll look at how to do that in a moment.

Again, you have to find that fine line between being able to help them without devoting yourself to only waiting for them.

But, yes. It’s completely possible. In my experience, most people who reach union are still in some form of contact with their twin.

How Can I Communicate With My Twin Flame?

Before we get into the higher levels and telepathic communication, let’s not rule out the obvious. You can use ‘normal’ methods of communication just fine as well. Leave them a message on their phone or through social media.

Be available to talk in the 3D. At least for the minor everyday things. You might not be talking as much as you want there but just as long as they feel comfortable reaching out to you when they’re ready.

I’ve looked at when to tell your twin flame about the level of connection you share, and it’s best not done during a period of separation. To help them get there – that’s where the higher levels of communication come in.

How Do I Talk to My Twin Flame Telepathically?

I’ve done a full guide on twin flames telepathy and how it often helps guide mirror souls on their journey to union. It is one of those topics where a lot of people disagree but we’ll not get too bogged down in the details, just the important stuff.

We’re always telepathically reaching out to our twin but intentionally doing it on command is going to take some practice. It seems to be easier for some than others, perhaps down to how far along your spiritual journey you’ve already come.

There are more than a few techniques on how to do this but the common ones are.

  • Meditation
  • Astral Projection
  • The Tarot
  • Dreams

Astral projection can take a lot of practice and dream communication is (mostly) passive. One of the best ways I know of wilfully contacting your twin flame is through meditation.

Contacting Your Twin Flame Through Meditation

This is one of the main focuses of my twin flame coaching. I use guided meditations there but you can absolutely use your own practice to reach out to your twin.

Remember that you’re already in constant contact with your twin on a telepathic level. It’s just that the majority of this communication fades out and becomes background noise in comparison to daily life. At times the more spiritually aware of us notice the communication (and sometimes it’s more obvious than others – such as periods of high emotion) but it’s constantly there.

Meditation can help just to remove some of that background noise.

It can bring that subconscious communication to the forefront of our minds and that way give us conscious control over it. We’re able to send and receive messages at will once we quiet our mind and, as a bonus, meditation is also one of the best tools at our disposal for healing and preparing ourselves for union.

It’s a win-win and one of my favorite tools to use on the journey.

Contacting Your Twin Flame Through Astral Projection

If the concept is new to you: astral projection is the process of leaving your physical body and traveling in the astral plane. Some people use it to fly around their neighborhood which wouldn’t normally be possible in the physical realm. Some use it to further different parts of their journey such as exploring a past life, working on remote healing or reading the Akashic records.

We can certainly use it to further our twin flame journey. It can be a powerful tool for working on almost every aspect of the journey and gaining remote contact with your twin on the astral plane is a bonus. Communicating on this plane is similar to communicating in dreams. It’s open and honest. Moreso than any conversation we can ever have in person.

Learning how to do astral projection is a little outside the scope of a single article. I’ve done a complete guide on how to learn astral projection specifically using it for your twin but if you’re already familiar with the practice – simply visit your twin (carefully) and you’ll see what I mean.

Contacting Your Twin Flame Through the Tarot

One of the more common uses for the Tarot is asking for insight into how your twin is feeling or doing. Personally, I prefer to consult it for advice on where you should be focusing your time and energy but you can absolutely use my guide on using the Tarot for twin flames to get an insight into how they’re feeling.

Possibly the quickest way to start contacting your twin flame because it’ll require the least amount of practice. It does leave you with a pretty one-sided conversation, however.

Again: getting an insight into how your twin flame is doing or what they’re focusing on can be helpful but don’t let it distract you from your own journey.

Contacting Your Twin Flame Through Dreams (Passive)

Contacting your twin through dreams is something that happens more often than we tend to remember and it happens passively. Much like the passive form of telepathic communication, this happens before we ever physically meet.

Keeping a dream journal can help us improve our retention of the dream so we remember the conversations you’ve had (which is useful as twin flames communication in dreams is the most honest it gets) but won’t actively let you steer the communication at the time.

You can practice lucid dreaming to gain more control over the dream (or sometimes just find yourself in a lucid dream) but unless you’re already used to this practice you’re likely to find astral projection easier.

How to Get Your Twin Flame to Contact You

Your twin is already reaching out to you through that telepathic communication. Practicing any of the above techniques will help you pick up these messages more often.

As for reaching out in the 3D (texting you for a face-to-face conversation for example), they’ll reach out when they’re ready.

Remember that understanding the reason for them running is important. If you reach out to them and convince them to contact you they likely will. However, if both of you are not ready to take the next step together this will set you back in the long run.

My best advice is to use 3D communication to make sure they know you’re available to talk. Use the higher forms of communication to guide them to the next stage and help them be ready.

Don’t try and force things before they’re ready or you’ll only run the risk of triggering their soul shock even further.

How Do You Know If Your Twin Flame Is Trying to Contact You?

The more you practice the techniques above, the more you’ll notice them reaching out. They’re constantly connected to you but during periods of high emotion or energy is when it’s going to be most noticeable. There are a couple of things you can watch out for though:

  • You might see a spike of external synchronicities like twin flame numbers showing up in strange places.
  • You could notice strange waves of emotion or energy out of nowhere.
  • An increase of dream communication (or better dream retention of shared dreams).

Why Won’t My Twin Flame Communicate With Me?

Simply put? They’re not ready. Perhaps they know that you’re not ready. Maybe both.

Forcing your twin flame to reach out is a risky game. I know the separation phases can be frustrating and painful. They’re difficult to deal with but learning how to communicate with your twin flame properly is also about learning how not to.

Don’t try and force or hurry them. Guide them gently and, as always, keep the focus internal and on your own healing. Improving yourself is always the best way of helping them to improve and be ready for the next step.

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  1. Or maybe there’s always something standing in the way!!! Why almost no one talks about this i can guess, the dark forces keep trying to pull them apart (like their own fears weren’t enough already) over and over and over, same patterns repeating. And you try and reach out but there’s always something that happens…..until you get so exhausted, so grief stricken you get ill….. And the other half is out there thinking you’re running when you’re actually trying to reach out but constantly being bombarded by shi** God knows what!!

  2. Hi. i think your posts are great and very informative. I am currently in a twin flame separation. Its been 5 weeks of hell. Having tried to convince her in the first 2 weeks (and at one point felt that she actually considered coming back for about 30 seconds), she had demanded for her space. During the following 2 weeks i have been receiving so many syncronicity signs and numeric signs. Like De-javu moment whilst my only opportunity to speak to her on the phone and almost convinced her to come back, the uncanny physical presence at an island resort when i never knew she was coming with her friends (we never met up as she never responded), being at the airport at the same time and not seeing her (its a really small airport!), and her popping up in stories by new friends whom have crossed paths when i never asked about her.

    I made this biggest mistake of all, and that was to try to contact her (before i read this post) to which she responded aggressively to move on separately and she has already done so. I still believe that she is not seeing anyone and believe that she does still love me and miss me. Its just her pride, ego and external influences (BFF negative advice and distractions of attention thru willing men).

    Our last communication was last weekend when she did respond to my question if she was seeing someone else (she ad made a promise to tell me openly but i guess i was silly to believe she would keep that promise irrespective). She responded aggressively. To which i felt karmic effects took place as we left the very short but sharp conversation negatively.

    I have been getting signs like 1010 for the past 2 weeks and 69 this morning (on an elderly wheelchair). I’ve seen 1111 twice on the clock too. I do believe that we are not far from reunion and i have been doing my best to spiritually awaken and surrender (tho its harder said than done for the most part).

    I hope i have not upset her. she probably is. I don’t know. I hope this has not ruined our chances of reunion.

    Please help and advice.

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