Does My Twin Flame Think of Me Too?

I’ve been going through separation for the last couple of weeks and I can’t stop thinking of them. Does my twin flame think of me? Do they see what I see?

Your twin flame is absolutely thinking of you too (even if they’re the runner). However, depending on the stage you’re both at, they might not even be aware of their own thoughts yet.

Almost every twin flame journey involves a period of painful separation and growth from your twin. It can be tough to stop your mind from wandering to them constantly. What are they doing, what are they thinking and who are they with?

The unbreakable bond of being two parts of the same soul makes it impossible to let go of your twin flame completely. They’ll always be reaching out to each other in some way or another. You’ll always be on their mind just as they’re always on yours – whether you’re consciously aware of it or not.

However, that doesn’t mean they’re ready to reach out to you. It doesn’t mean they’re ready to take the next step. It doesn’t even mean they know that they’re thinking about you.

Is the Twin Flame Runner Thinking of You?

On some level, the two of you are always connected and guiding each other onward. Usually, the more spiritually advanced twin is the one who is more aware of the twin flame journey and the connection you both share.

The runner twin could be completely unaware of who they are thinking about and just be aware of a general sense of love and safety with… a feeling. Or you could specifically be coming to their mind.

If they’re not (yet) ready to handle that level of connection they’ll likely try to frame these thoughts in a way to make sense to their view of the world (and how relationships are ‘supposed’ to be).

They’re not intentionally ignoring you or trying to ignore the deep connection you share. If they’re running, it’s the spiritual version of a fight or flight instinct and they need to process their own healing to be ready for this kind of soul connection.

It’s not at all uncommon to go through periods where your twin flame doesn’t talk or goes out of their way to avoid you. It doesn’t mean your journey toward union has failed, it just means they’re not ready yet.

Do Twin Flames Think About Each Other At The Same Time?

does your twin flame think of youSometimes. Often in periods of high emotion or energy, they’ll reach out to each other through the telepathic connection twin flames share. If your twin flame randomly pops into your head it’s highly likely it’s because they reached out to you (intentionally or otherwise).

This doesn’t seem to be the norm, however. While on some level your twin is always thinking about you it doesn’t mean you’re always on their mind when you think of them.

There are some signs you can look out for though.

Signs Your Twin Flame is Thinking of You Too

Remember, as with any signs on the twin flame journey, these are guidelines and not hard-set rules. Don’t place expectations or standards on you, your twin or your journey together.

I’ve touched on the signs your twin flame is thinking about you in more detail before but some common things you could look out for:

  • You feel their presence. Sometimes manifesting as the feeling of them being next to you or just their energy around you.
  • You might feel a sudden surge of emotion or an interest in something entirely unrelated to what you were doing. Often a symptom of your twin being excited to share something with you.
  • Synchronicities like number patterns or strange coincidences that remind you of them.

Sometimes the signs might be more overt. I’ve heard of more than a few stories where the chaser was thinking about the runner and at that moment they received a message from them.

Just remember to use these signs as gentle reminders and nothing more. Don’t place undue stress on yourself during periods where there isn’t the communication you would like.

You’re always going to be on their mind in some form. It doesn’t really matter how far the physical distance, how long since you last spoke or what has been going on between you in the physical realm.

Find Out What Your Twin Flame is Thinking

Find Out What Your Twin Flame is Thinking

Whether your twin is consciously aware that they’re thinking of you, there are some ways to get an indication of what they are thinking, or what they want you to know.

Sometimes this guidance can help you figure out how to help move your journey towards union along. Sometimes it might just provide comfort and support during difficult periods of separation.

The more communication you’ve had in the past, the better the insight you’ll be able to get into what they’re feeling. The more you focus on doing this, the better the insights you’ll be able to get.

If communication has been difficult or ambiguous then it might be more challenging to get a sense of their thoughts and feelings but there are still things you can do.

  • Start by focusing on what you would like them to know. This can help you bring clarity to your communication together overall.
  • You could get a twin flame reading. I prefer the Tarot for this but you could also look at other external signs like number patterns appearing in your life and get an understanding of what they’re trying to tell you, ultimately your twin’s higher self would want you to know the same thing.
  • Keep a dream journal. Twin flame dream messages often give us the clearest insight into what we want to say to our mirror soul. Conversations in dreams are unburdened by ego and doubt and keeping a journal helps us retain these messages once we’ve left the dream state.
  • Telepathic communication between two twin flames is the easiest way to see their true feeling and thoughts. This form of communication is often shrouded in layers of daily life however and it can be difficult to make out the thoughts of your twin soul from your own internal chatter. Twin flame meditation can help you get you on the same vibration as them making this communication much clearer.

Whether you take the time to try and understand what they’re thinking at any given time I can tell you this.

It’s basically anything. Twin flames are constantly in contact and it’s just more noticeable at periods of high emotion. If you were able to look inside their minds at any given moment it’d likely just be an inner monologue about all the small aspects of their day.

Get More Insights

If you’re feeling stuck on your journey, tell me about your path towards union so far. I’ll do my best to help guide you onward.

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