Does My Twin Flame Dream About Me Too? [The 6 Signs]

Does my twin flame dream about me too? Do we share dreams?

Twin flames always dream about each other (and that means your twin flame dreams about you too) but it isn’t always clear that it’s you.

You can spot the signs of them dreaming of you but also use this connection to help further your journey together.

Twin Flames Always Share Dreams

Twin flames are the most open which each other in dreams. We’re free from ego, distraction and expectations. We communicate openly and honestly and twin flame dreams during separation are a way for both mirror souls to guide each other.

Twin flames do more than just carry conversations. They share emotions, experiences and can explore each other’s dreams.

Signs of Your Twin Flame Dreaming About You

Signs of Your Twin Flame Dreaming About You

Your twin flame doesn’t always know they’re dreaming about you. Depending on how far they’ve progressed their spiritual journey, they might be forgetting their dreams the moment they wake and when they do remember a dream, they might not realize it’s you in their dream.

You might be an element of their dream, a feeling or it might be obviously you and they’re just not able to see it yet.

There are some signs you can look out for though:

  • The most obvious sign is you remembering a shared dream. You’ve shared that dream whether they remember it or not. Even if it isn’t clearly them in the dream.
  • A feeling in the morning of their presence or a feeling of warmth and protection. This feeling might be fleeting or could follow you throughout the day.
  • You might see external patterns (like twin flame numbers) that signify the telepathic connection when you’re just waking up or going to sleep.
  • Your twin might reach out in the physical realm after you awake (even if it’s something as simple as a good morning message).
  • If they are spiritually progressed enough they’ll even be able to reference elements or shared stories from the dream itself.
  • One of the more obvious signs your twin flame is thinking about you sexually is a shared dream with high intensity.

How Them Dreaming About You Helps Your Journey

The closeness and bond of a twin flame relationship help to create a space where the two souls can come together and explore each other’s dreams, consciously or not.

Dreams are important to the journey of a Twin Flame because it shows the openness and bond between mirror souls.

Dreams help guide you both. Even if the dream seems abstract or completely unrelated to your connection.

Dreams can help you work through conflict and develop the relationship in the 3D. It can create trust, open lines of communication and strengthen your bond together. We never communicate as freely as we do within dreams.

Dreams don’t have the same restriction as we have in the physical dimension. They can help you heal physically, emotionally and certainly spiritually. Dreams can give you an insight into things on your journey you would otherwise miss.

What Does it Mean When Your Twin Flame Dreams About You?

These dreams always happen continually but we don’t remember the majority of them. When we do it means you’re going through a period of transition, high energy or emotion.

It might be a sign your twin flame is reaching out to you. They’re using the telepathic connection to reach out to either call for help if they’re going through something. Or, on the other hand, if they know you’re struggling with something they could be reaching out through a dream to offer support.

It might be something external that has caused a spike in their spiritual awareness (such as spotting a synchronicity that made them think of you).

When you start spotting the signs your twin flame is dreaming about you, it’s a great sign that your journey is progressing. It’s a sign they’re furthering their spiritual understanding (whether they realize it or not).

Dreams are healing tools. They’re not ones we can consciously control as much as some other techniques but keeping a dream journal or working with astral projection techniques can help give us more control over these encounters.

Whether or not you remember dreaming about your twin flame, they’re dreaming of you.

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