Does Everyone Have a Twin Flame?

How rare is this whole thing? Does everyone have a twin flame? How common is it?

Twin flames are extremely rare, considering the human population of the world. And if we consider all souls alive during one experience, those numbers go even higher and make the twin flames even rarer. Whether you believe there is a set number of twin flames out there or not, we have to accept that there are very few of us.

If you’ve spent any time in or around the twin flame community online there’s an obvious survivorship bias. If you take a sample of 1,000 people from a twin flame community, the majority are going to at least be aware of the twin flame journey (and probably their twin). If you pick 1,000 people from the street then things start to look a lot different.

The journey has become a lot more popular over the last couple of years and this is mostly a good thing. It’s helping people understand the connection they’ve felt and further their own journey. It’s also led to a lot of confusion with false twin flames as people try to force a connection which just isn’t right.

I hear stories of people at different stages of their journey every day and I don’t think everyone has met their twin or everyone is even at that stage yet. Certainly, we don’t always reach union and I’m sure we all know people later in life who are not in a happy relationship (I’ve talked about twin flame failure before).

If you’re here, reading this then you’re at least aware of the journey which makes it more likely that you have a twin flame out there (whether you’ve met them or not). If you’re looking for guidance, I do give free twin flame readings.

Disclaimer: As with a lot of things in the twin flame journey – who knows. From what I’ve seen, I don’t personally believe everyone has a twin flame but there are those who disagree with me on that. Take my opinion for what it is, feel free to disagree but just be wary of anyone claiming to know things like this for certain.

I will say I think everyone has the possibility of having a twin flame, some are just not at that stage yet.

Is it Rare to Meet a Twin Flame?

If you spend a lot of time online in the spiritual community or check out spiritual YouTube channels, you might think you run into twin flames at every turn. They’re actually very rare.

Again, there’s that bias. When you know how incredible the journey can be, it’s sometimes hard to talk about anything else. Look at me, I’m talking about twin flames on a pretty much daily basis but in my day-to-day life most people in my circles have never even heard the term twin flame.

The 144,000 “Twin Flame Limit”

Some believe that there’s a set number of twin flames as part of a human experience at the same time and that it’s kind of a constant number. I like to err on the side of caution when it comes to taking ideas as absolute truths. I’m not convinced that there’s a constant number of twin flames at all times, but it might be true. Some toss around the 144,000 number, for instance.

Let’s apply a bit of logic to the constant number of twin flames idea, though. Twin flames are fragments of the same one soul of a higher dimensional nature. Let’s say during one human experience, like 500 of them achieve union – it’s been a very spiritually productive time and it’s going to get all the more productive in the future, during the age of Aquarian.

How exactly would the pending 500 twin flames come to be during the next human experience? Do they just get activated, regardless of their soul level of growth and development, because others achieved union? When the whole entire basis of the whole twin flame journey is that of personal spiritual growth and development for each twin? I don’t personally think things work like that but this is a fairly common opinion.

Are Twin Flames Rare?

It’s Not About the Numbers

Just think about it: the whole twin flame journey is about soul growth and development for each twin flame and the connection between them. The numbers don’t really matter. The only number that matters is yours and your twin flames.

Considering how many people there are on the planet right now, and I’m going to consider only the people for a moment here, even if there would be 144,000 twin flames at any one time, that’s out of close to 8 billion people – very rare. And what if during one human experience there are, say, 100 twin flames online?

I’m going to throw another curve ball here and say: if we go by the reincarnation philosophy – which I go by, for instance – your twin flame might be a goat during this human experience. Or maybe they’re a sparrow. It may take you some lifetimes to reach the same form in order to even interact, let alone achieve twin flame union.

Do you know what we all have during every human experience? Soulmates. Soulmates are not to be confused with twin flames (I’ve covered the difference in twin flames vs soul mates before). They’re a blessing, but a soulmate is not your mirror soul. Only your twin flame is your mirror soul, and they can’t be replaced or confused with anyone else, even if we might like to at times. The twin flame journey is not a joyride, not really – and all of us on it know that quite well.

Does Everyone Meet Their Twin Flame?

As I was saying earlier, answering that question depends on how you understand the world around you, first off. Do you see all souls as part of your world and believe in reincarnation in all its forms? I do. And if you do too, then you accept that your twin flame might be a cricket during this human experience. You might be a rabbit during another, and so on.

So you could make spiritual contact, to some degree, but in some cases making 3D contact might just be impossible to achieve. Or you might achieve it, but because of the differences between you, it might not register as such when it happens.

In energetic terms, at some point, yes, we all meet our twin flame. At some point, we all will achieve twin flame union. Is it likely for that point to be part of this human experience? In some cases, sure – but not in all of them.

If we think about it under human experience terms, maybe not all of us will make 3D contact with our twin flame. Some of us won’t become consciously aware of making spiritual contact, in fact. It all depends on the level of spiritual growth and development achieved by both parties and on a lot of other circumstances.

Though it might not sound as pretty as we’d like it to be, I’d say that it’s actually more likely that you won’t meet your twin flame during a human experience in the 3D than it is that you will. And that’s all right. The beauty of the soulbond is that you have lifetimes upon lifetimes of chances.

How Many Twin Flames Are There?

Does Everyone Have a Twin in The World?

If you are a twin flame, then spiritually speaking, yes, you have a twin flame out there, somewhere. But how do you define the “world” notion has a big influence on that idea. You might define the “world” as the world of human beings which are part of a human experience at the same time as you are.

But your twin flame might have an experience in some other form as we’ve discussed above. That doesn’t make the spiritual connection any weaker and it doesn’t hold back the progress each soul makes.

Or perhaps your twin flame ends a human experience while you’re still active in yours. Again, your connection won’t be any weaker or held back by that difference of realms in which you operate at that time.

Timelines are also interesting when you add them into this mix. Consider the world from say 1000 years ago. If one twin flame was born into some remote village somewhere in the luxuriant jungle while another was born on another continent, they might have felt like their twin flame is somewhere out there, but worlds away, right?

How we perceive the world is actually a much more subjective thing than we give it credit for. If you’re a twin flame, then yes, sure, you have not just one twin out there in the world, but more of them, actually.

Do You Have a Twin Flame?

If you’ve felt a strange connection with another person or perhaps a longing for something missing in your life which has led you to the twin flame journey then perhaps you do.

Obviously, I can’t say that everyone who finds themselves on this page has a twin but if you’d like some guidance, tell me about what you’re experiencing.

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Important to Remember!

Everyone has at least one special connection in their life, and love life in particular. Any or all of us might have that incredibly intense attraction towards someone, that amazing chemistry, that jaw-dropping feel-good vibe around them. It can happen to any and all of us. That doesn’t make that person our twin flame, but it sure makes for a good time that we should enjoy without trying to label it one or the other thing, right?

So does everyone have a twin flame? Not all spiritually evolved people are part of a twin flame dynamic. It’s likely for a twin flame to become spiritually evolved at some point along their path, that’s true. But that doesn’t mean that becoming evolved enough from a spiritual perspective “earns” someone the twin flame ticket. Soul contracts don’t work that way.

Unless you are a twin flame, you can’t attract a twin flame that’s yours. If you get your mindset on someone who is a twin flame, while you are not one, you could attract them, sure. You could even be in a relationship with them, maybe for the long run, perhaps even for a lifetime. But that won’t make you their twin flame, no matter what you do or vice versa.

While wanting to manifest a soulmate can work for anyone, manifesting a twin can only work if you are a twin yourself, and theirs. Not all of us have a twin out there, and that’s perfectly all right. Not all of us who have one get to meet them in the 3D, and while that’s painful and frustrating to some, it’s all right too.

Detach from the human perspective on it and see it from your truly natural core of a higher dimensional being: if you’re a twin, it’s only a matter of time before you connect to yours and achieve union – and time is a human concept. You operate at a higher frequency, as a twin.

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