Do Twin Flames Really Exist? Is It All in Your Head?

The popularity of the twin flame relationship and the romantic connection it brings has exploded recently. However, with all the blurred lines between twin flames, soulmates, karmic partners and just plain wishful thinking it becomes confusing. So do twin flames really exist? Is the twin flame journey real or is it all just obsession?

The twin flame journey mostly takes place on a higher dimension and you’ll see people argue a lot about various aspects of the journey. Not everything you read about the journey is real but I certainly do think twin flames exist. I have a lot of reasons for doing so.

Obviously, I talk about the twin flame journey a lot but I’m probably a lot less biased than you might imagine. I didn’t consider myself overly spiritual and I think I take a fairly pragmatic view on the twin flame journey.

The twin flame journey can absolutely be frustrating. It’s easy to start questioning if the whole thing is just in your head. I get it. I’ve been there.

My Own Experience with Twin Flames

Are twin flames real?I’ve talked about my own twin flame journey here but I’m also in the unusual position that I hear from people going through their own twin flame journies every single day. I also spend a lot (read: too much) time in twin flame communities sharing advice.

I consider myself a skeptic and I don’t tend to believe things at face value without seeing a reason to.

I only publish a very, very small percentage of the stories I hear about here on the site (and always with the person’s permission) but between the insane synchronicities and the kinds of relationships I see coming from the journey, it’s hard for me to doubt it.

I see the same patterns time and time again and I’ve looked at the twin flame origin. The idea of the twin flame journey isn’t new. It might be a trend on social media to talk about this ideal relationship but this kind of connection goes back to Greek mythology and beyond.

In short: I’ve seen too much to not believe in the twin flame phenomenon.

I Understand Not Believing in Twin Flames

While I have no doubt myself, I completely understand the doubt of others. In a lot of ways, it’s a good thing to question what you’re told (and that includes my opinion here).

I have a personal problem with a lot of the twin flame community online and that causes a problem. Because the twin flame relationship can’t simply be measured as a black and white tangible relationship it’s hard to talk about this kind of energy and connection with any kind of certainty.

That’s why I don’t pretend to know when I don’t. I think twin flames are real, but I don’t agree with a lot of the opinions you’ll hear online.

I’m very cautious when I hear people talk about this kind of thing with certainty. Anyone claiming to have knowledge of things that happen in other dimensions, lives or from third parties should be taken with a grain of salt.

I’m also cautious when I hear people say with certainty that twin flames are fake or just an obsession. How do you know? Not everyone has a twin flame and maybe you’re just not on the journey this lifetime. That would be the same as me saying there is no God or no such thing as gravity just because I can’t see it.

When you’re talking about a spiritual connection you’re talking about something outside of the physical reality. We can see things like sexual attraction and instant attraction but it’s impossible for us to measure anything else with certainty.

My personal rule of thumb is to focus on your own spiritual growth. Forget the labels we give things. Don’t try and compare your spiritual awakening or relationship to anyone else (or anything you read on social media).

Even if you don’t believe in twin flames or the idea of having a mirror soul out there – you’re still doing the right thing for yourself. If you look at twin flame relationships as an end goal rather than a journey to get there, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment.

Are Twin Flames Real? How Can You Tell?

In short? You can’t really. The only way to really know for sure that you’re in a twin flame relationship is to experience it for yourself.

What are the signs that you might be in one? Well, it’s different for everyone. This kind of energy can manifest in many different ways. In retrospect it becomes obvious but that doesn’t help you when you’re navigating periods of uncertainty and doubt on the journey.

If you’re struggling with doubt and uncertainty (perfectly normal) here are some suggestions:

  • Meditate. Try and get in contact with your higher self and compare what you’re experiencing compared to any other connection you’ve had.
  • Journal. Get your thoughts, feelings and emotions out by writing them down.
  • Talk to someone you trust about what’s happening in the relationship with all of its highs and lows.
  • Tell me what you’re seeing on the journey and get a twin flame reading.

Limerance and Obsession vs Twin Flames

twin flame or obsession

Especially during difficult periods of separation, you can really feel the loss of not being around your twin flame. It’s understandable to confuse this with simple limerance or obsession and (unhelpfully) the difference is only obvious in hindsight.

What can I really say which could explain the intense difference in simple words?

The main difference between obsessing over a false twin flame or a simple physical attraction and the twin flame journey is the spiritual side.

This is not someone you are simply attracted to. Your soul is connected to this person because they are the other side of your soul. If you’re not feeling spiritually drawn towards them then you probably are just dealing with physical limerance or perhaps a false twin flame.

The Choice is Ultimately Yours

I’m not going to try and tell you twin flames exist or the journey is real. Maybe I’m wrong. The only absolute certainty here is that it’s up to you what you choose to believe.

Even if the whole thing was in our heads then learning how to attract your twin flame is a journey of self-discovery and improvement anyway. The journey could still transform your life and help resolve emotional baggage leading to a better love life and relationships – even if there’s no such thing as a spiritual connection like this.

So are twin flames real? I certainly think so. Why don’t you focus on your spiritual journey and tell let me know what happens?

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