Do Twin Flames Feel the Same about Each Other?

There’s no doubt that there’s a strong bond between twin flames, but do twin flames feel the same about each other or can a twin flame connection be one-sided?

The simple truth of the matter is that a twin flame connection is always a two-way street. Feelings are mirrored and grow in intensity exponentially, but necessarily at exactly the same time. That’s where the spiritual awakening comes into play. If both twins aren’t operating from a frequency of unconditional love, then they’ll hurt each other a lot during separation. There will be a lot of growth as a result of that pain, true, but it will hurt none the less. That is the unfortunate effect of one of the twins not having done their work and growth while the other one is diligently dealing with their issues and becoming more and more high vibe.

Do Both Twin Flames Feel a Connection?

The twin flame bond is an indestructible soul contract. It’s simply there, present between your souls, from now until union and merging.

But when each twin flame becomes consciously aware of their twin flames divine mission is a matter of personal growth and development on both ends of the soul contract. How the separation phase is going to go for each twin flame relationship depends upon the progress they each make with their ascension.

While both souls are fully aware of the bond at all times, the human experience self can be low vibe enough that they simply haven’t experienced their awakening yet. If that’s the case, then no matter how much work and growth their counterpart puts in, the bond will be kind of stuck until the other twin flame wakes up and understands their destiny.

Can Twin Flames Hurt Each Other?

If you’re part of the twin flames journey, you know full well that nothing else compares to this intense roller-coaster of a ride. These are most likely going to be the highest highs and the lowest lows you’ll have experienced during your love life and human experience.


The basis of your twin flame bond is high-frequency unconditional love – but that’s on a spiritual level. If you and/or your twin haven’t yet acceded to a high frequency enough vibe, you may not be consciously aware of your bond and thereby your true love connection.

You’ll always feel what your twin flame is feeling or going through. In that sense, when they’re going to be in pain, then you are going to suffer too. By not taking care of yourselves and not lavishing yourselves with true self-love, you’ll hurt yourselves and thereby each other.


Once you both start to get an inkling to what sort of path you’re on, one of you may be overwhelmed by the twin flame bond and call for a timeout, otherwise known as the separation phase.

Initiated by someone we often call a twin flame runner, the separation is a time of putting the journey on hold. Your twin may think they’re putting an end to it, but that’s impossible. What your human experience free will can do is put the progress on hold indefinitely (which from the perspective of your human self twin may be a long term, but from your higher self’s perspective might in fact be a blink of an eye).

This phase hurts the worse because both twin flames will be suffering. Yes, the twin runners hurt themselves by hurting their divine counterparts. That, in turn, hurts the runners all over again because the pain is mirrored and amplified by the twin flame love soul bond. That’s part of the reason why this phase of the twin flame journey is so triggering and thereby gives us the chance to put in a lot of work.

twin flame separation

It’s Unintentional!

If your twin flame hasn’t experienced their awakening yet and are thereby oblivious to the nature of your soul tie, keep in mind they’re not stalling on purpose. Your twin flame simply hasn’t yet reached the frequency necessary to become enlightened. They still have a lot of work to do on themselves. Only then will their divine mission be revealed to them.

It’s also important to keep in mind that when your twin flame pulls the separation card on you, they’re not actually aware of what they’re doing most of the time. They’re most likely in denial about your twin flame bond and feeling very triggered by the intensity of the experience, so they try to take themselves out of an overwhelming situation.

If your twin flame would truly be consciously aware of the fact that their actions are hurting you, they wouldn’t be able to initiate any of those actions. When they are acting in ways that hurt you, it’s coming from a place of darkness, lack of growth and development, and a low vibe out of which they haven’t yet been able to pull themselves out. Even when they miss you during these difficult phases, they still won’t know how to handle these feelings.

The best thing you can do under these circumstances is to focus on sending them a tsunami of unconditional love through your twin flame bond, so they’ll be as supported as possible to make the progress they need to make.

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In Short

If you’re wondering “Do twin flames feel the same about each other?”, you first need to decide what sort of situation the twin flame bond is in that particular situation.

While the higher selves of the twin flame counterparts feel unconditional love for one another, our human experience selves may or may not be aware of our twin flame divine mission. If there’s no awareness, there might be no awareness of that love, but it’s only a matter of time.

While hurting each other is an unfortunate part of the journey for twin flames, it’s also part of what helps them make progress along the way towards union. Much of the work we do happens during the dreaded separation phase, which is liberally seasoned with growing pains.

Just keep in mind that your twin flame’s higher self loves you unconditionally and forever, and whatever their human experience self is doing is out of unawareness and is unintentional. Forgive them and focus on the high vibe love for which you were both meant for!

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