Reversing Twin Flame Rejection

reversing twin flame rejection

One of the worst twin flames pain patterns is that of twin flame rejection. Nothing feels worse than fearing that you’ll be denied that unconditional love. The soul bond suffers during the separation phase, but the connection doesn’t ever break. That’s what makes it worse – it’s a separation pain that simply doesn’t go away. … Read more

Twin Flame Dreams During Separation

Twin Flame Dreams During Separation

Have you been plagued by twin flame dreams during separation? Are you wondering why you keep dreaming about your twin, even though you’re trying really hard to get them out of your headspace? The twin flame journey is one of constant contact between souls. Whether you’re contacting your twin in the 3D or not, your … Read more

Understand the Twin Flame Runners Perspective

Twin Flame Runners Perspective

You need to understand the twin flame runners perspective. It’s all too easy to get frustrated during a difficult separation period or even to blame your twin. The twin flame journey is a spiritual path of self-love, growth, and ascension which leads to the strong high-frequency unconditional love divine connection also known as union. Because it’s … Read more

Top Signs Your Twin Flame is Communicating With You

Signs your twin flame is communicating with you

It’s very likely there are signs your twin flame is communicating with you all around you, but you don’t always notice them. The twin flame journey is a very intense and demanding spiritual, emotional, and energetic experience. Whether you’re aware of having some psychic gifts or not, you and your twin flame are in constant … Read more

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