14 Signs Your Twin Flame is Sending You Love

Signs Your Twin Flame is Sending You Love

If you get signs your twin flame is sending you to love, you’re on the right track toward divine union. Twin flames can communicate in various ways to express their feelings and offer support and guidance. Once you see these signs, you’ll know that your twin flame is sending you their unconditional love. Can Twin … Read more

Twin Flame Karmic Debt: 8 Signs and Answers

Twin Flame Karmic Debt

Your twin flame karmic debt is present every step along your way towards achieving divine union. The karmic debt results from the individual karmic baggage you and your twin have to deal with. But it also involves the karmic debt of your connection, in and of itself. This is a topic we could probably get into … Read more

Which is Stronger: Twin Flames or Soulmates?

Which is Stronger Twin Flames or Soulmates

It’s completely human (perhaps too human) to question if we’re doing the right thing with the right person or in the right relationship. Both soulmates and twin flames are the strongest (and incredibly intense) connections that you can ever have with someone. But which is stronger, twin flames or soulmates? Or, as I keep getting … Read more

Twin Flame Yin Yang Energies: 5 Ways To Achieve Balance

Twin Flame Yin Yang Energies

The twin flame Yin Yang association might be more important than we realize, and I’m surprised we don’t see it talked about more. Many philosophies and beliefs in the history of mankind involve the twin flame dynamic. The Yin Yang philosophy dates back to ancient times.  Gaining a deeper understanding of the Yin Yang twin … Read more

Are You A Starseed Twin Flame? 10 Signs To Look Out For

Starseed Twin Flame

Ever wondered if you’re a Starseed twin flame? Your intuition might be guiding you toward achieving that realization. Being a Starseed mirror soul means you have not only one sacred mission but two. You’re meant to achieve divine union, as all other twins. But you’re also meant to uplift and upgrade the energetic frequency of our … Read more

Twin Flame Healing Meditation (Guided)

twin flame healing meditation

Join me in a healing twin flame-guided meditation. A journey to the Sacred Meadow. A place to reconnect with both nature and your mirror soul. I know most of my readers ignore these guided meditations, but they can be such an important tool to further your journey. This isn’t a Hollywood rom-com it’s a spiritual journey and … Read more

Twin Flame Moon Phases: 5 Steps Towards Union

twin flame moon phase

The twin flame moon phases can provide an excellent opportunity to progress on your twin flame path. They can also work against you. Moon phases can be challenging for intuitives and the spiritually aware. Twin flames tend to be both intuitive and spiritually awake. Perhaps more than anyone else. The moon’s energy can both help and … Read more

Gemini Twin Flame: 4 Signs And 12 Steps Forward

Gemini Twin Flame

As a Gemini twin flame or someone who has a Gemini twin flame, these signs and tips apply to you. Gemini is an Air sign ruled by Mercury. It’s connected to Hermes, the messenger of the gods. That makes Gemini twin flames the happy possessors of sharp minds and incredible wit and charm. But Gemini … Read more

Virgo Twin Flame: 3 Signs And 12 Steps Forward

If you’re a Virgo twin flame or have a Virgo twin flame, these signs and tips apply to you. Virgo is a very spiritual Earth sign, despite its (in)famous pragmatic and analytical mind. It’s ruled by Mercury and associated with the god Hermes, the messenger of the gods. For a twin flame Virgo, the gates … Read more