The History and Twin Flame Origin

Twin Flame Origin and History

The twin flame origin (much like most of the twin flame journey) is a topic that has been debated for years. Now with the internet and social media, the hype around the twin flame journey is more popular than ever but where did it all begin? Historic references won’t use the term ‘twin flame’ but … Read more

Twin Flame Quotes for Healing or Daily Mantras

Twin Flame Quotes

These twin flame quotes can help to explain the divine love connection between two mirror souls or can be used as part of a daily mantra to help you through a difficult separation phase. Remember (and I say this often) every twin flame journey is unique so perhaps not all of these quotes will feel … Read more

How to Find Your Twin Flame (Quickly)

How to Find Your Twin Flame (Quickly)

The biggest mistake I see when asking how to find your twin flame is to immediately start looking for your twin on dating apps or trying to find these chance encounters reaching for the same book at the same time. The process to find your twin flame can seem counter-intuitive but is not about searching out that special … Read more

How to Attract Your Twin Flame Quickly [At Any Stage]

How to Attract Your Twin Flame

Learning how to attract your twin flame means learning to understand what the twin flame journey is really about. No matter what stage of the twin flame journey you’re on, the way forward is always the same. Whether you’ve already met them and you’re going through a period of twin flame separation or you haven’t met in the 3D … Read more

How Do You Know If Someone Is Your Twin Flame?

How Do You Know If Someone Is Your Twin Flame?

In a journey full of uncertainties, how do you know if someone is your twin flame? How can you find out if you’re on the right path and not just wasting your time? How do you know this isn’t a false twin flame? Knowing if someone is your twin flame is a unique experience for each … Read more

Songs About Twin Flames [and ‘The Music Connection’]

Songs About Twin Flames

There are some songs about twin flames which are very, very specifically about twin flames. Lyrics mentioning stages of the journey or make actual references to twin flames. Others which talk about love or another person in a way that resonates very highly with anyone on their twin flame journey. I’ll include a couple of the common … Read more

Twin Flame Affirmations [So Powerful!]

Twin Flame Affirmations

I absolutely love twin flame affirmations. I love anything which actively furthers the twin flame journey and leads you away from just sitting around waiting for things to “work out”. If you’ve read my own story, you’ll probably know that I was fairly skeptical of spiritual practices (until meeting my twin flame knocked me on my butt) … Read more

Twin Flame Age Difference (Does It Matter?)

Twin Flame Age Difference

The twin flame age difference topic is an interesting one because some people seem to think that being twin flames means having no age gap or that it’s necessary to have a significant age gap in order to confirm your twin flame status. Neither of those things is necessarily true. Most physical characteristics don’t matter … Read more

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