Can a Twin Flame Cheat on You?

Can a twin flame cheat on you? What counts as cheating in a twin flame relationship? What does it mean if your twin flame cheats and (most importantly) how should you handle it?

Like most of the twin flame journey, the issue is rarely black and white. A twin flame can (sort-of) cheat on you but that doesn’t necessarily mean what you’d think, it doesn’t mean you’re not on the twin flame journey or that you’re not going to reach union.

Let’s dig into it because understanding this can save you a lot of time and hurt.

Can Twin Flames Really Cheat? What Counts as Cheating?

Like a lot of the twin flame journey, people disagree. There are those who think it’s impossible for twin flames to cheat on their mirror soul.

I don’t like to get bogged down in semantics and arguments but, let’s put it this way, I get thousands of twin flame stories submitted and I absolutely see people (usually the runner) sleeping with other people during a twin flame separation stage.

I rarely speak in specifics but… yes. They absolutely can cheat.

At least, they can in the sense that we’d normally call cheating in a relationship. Whether it’s physical or emotional, a mirror soul can absolutely be more involved with someone else than they are with you at that time.

There’s a reason false twin flames are such a common topic.

Why Do Twin Flames Cheat?

Twin Flames Cheating

This is one of those how long is a piece of string questions but there are some common trends I see which cause people to cheat.

  • They might struggle with a past hurt or fear of abandonment and respond with cheating. No, that doesn’t mean a whole lot of sense but this is rarely a logical decision.
  • They might not be anywhere near down their spiritual path to understand this type of connection. The level of connection you share might still be entirely off their radar.
  • They might cheat because they’re afraid of feeling the pain of separation. Not only do they not know how to cope, but they also might not even know what they’re trying to cope with.
  • It’s often the ego trying to protect itself from the unknown. The twin might not want to admit they can’t get over a past hurt or that they’re connected because it seems like a weakness. Instead, they cheat.
  • The confusion and negative energies of a false twin flame might overwhelm them.

Often cheating happens in the earlier stages when one (or more likely both) souls still have personal growth to do. Remember, these kinds of deep connections don’t just happen overnight.

Most often the one cheating is the less spiritually advanced soul. The runner gets a raw deal when we talk about the twin flame dynamic but remember they’re most likely acting out of fear and self-preservation. They’re not intentionally trying to hurt you.

They’re probably not aware of what they’re feeling or why it can feel so wrong for them to do it.

Twin Flames and Monogamy: What’s Normal?

The twin flame journey is not a normal or conventional romantic match where two people just happen to be attracted to each other. These are two halves of the same soul coming back together.

It’s kind of hard to even compare the two, but it’s the closest thing we have.

Further down the road, twin flame couples do not cheat on each other. The thought won’t even cross their mind. However very, very few of us will meet our twin at a time when we’re both ready. Triggering each other to improve and to grow is all part of the journey and, often, this happens separately.

At least physically you are separate. Twin flames are always connected at the higher levels and something like cheating on the physical realm in the earlier stages probably barely even registers.

This doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt when your twin flame cheats on you. I completely understand the pain it can cause if, for example, your twin flame is already married or you’re dating and they sleep with someone else.

It’s worse than a punch to the gut, especially if you’re the more spiritually advanced one. You probably see what they don’t, which means you’re likely to feel the pain of it.

Is My Twin Flame Cheating?

Is My Twin Flame Cheating

On some level, twin flames are always honest with each other. If you have a genuine fear your twin flame is cheating they might well be. Or it’s a manifestation of your own internal fears and the actual growth needed is your own.

I don’t know you, your twin or your journey (though if you want to tell me about your path so far I can send you a free twin flame reading) so I can’t say for sure.

A period of meditation might help you uncover where these feelings are coming from, however.

Had a Twin Flame Cheating Dream?

If you’ve had a dream your twin flame cheated on you it really doesn’t necessarily mean they have. It’s likely the real meaning of this dream is to draw your attention to your own fear or loss, abandonment fears and work you need to do on your own journey.

Dreams about someone cheating (your twin flame or otherwise) are rarely about the actual cheating.

Can You Feel When Your Twin Flame Is Intimate with Someone Else?

Potentially, yes.

The telepathic bond between twin flames often peaks at periods of heightened energy and emotion. This is why one of the common signs of your twin flame thinking about you is strange moods, energy or emotion out of nowhere.

If you’re hit with an overwhelming feeling of that kind of intimacy with someone else, it can be that physical connection being inadvertently shared.

What to do When Your Twin Flame Cheats on You With Someone Else

Danielle, my twin flame betrayed me. We were together for over a year and they cheated with an ex. What do I do?

(Not an exact email since I don’t share stories without permission but I’ve certainly had similar questions often enough).

If your twin flame cheats there’s a couple of things you should do.

  • Accept that it’s going to hurt. Big bowls of ice cream, a long run or curling up on the couch. There’s no shortcut through the pain (although hopefully the rest of this list will help).
  • Try and understand the twin flame runner’s feelings. There’s no malicious intent here.
  • Don’t blame yourself. You didn’t cause them to cheat.
  • Take advantage of this time. Take time for yourself to heal (regardless of how ready you feel you are). This is the union process anyway and the sooner you’re able to work on yourself – the sooner your twin will be triggered into doing the same thing.
  • Take time before trying to talk things through with your twin again. Your impulse might be to try and rush back to where you were but the sooner you’re able to bring your focus to your internal journey, the sooner you’ll be closer than you were before.

Should I Forgive My Twin Flame If They Cheated on Me?

I often say there is no should on this journey but if we truly understand what can cause them to cheat and what it really means: in the scheme of things it shouldn’t matter.

The twin flame journey is so much more than some of the turbulence that happens on the road to union.

What Can Break a Twin Flame Bond?

Cheating isn’t going to be a fun experience for either of you but that’s just short-term pain and part of your journey towards healing.

In the long term, nothing can break the bond the two of you share.

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  1. What if I was with my twin 18 years have kids together she finally after so many times being in denial of cheating with her boss at work more then once. Basically for higher paying position. Well I was broken hurt I still am after it happened in 2018 now its about to be 2022 it was a deep connection I had that I even said ok I forgive let’s try to move on and I di but then that feeling again came I trust my intuition she was doing something again. That I said I need a break. So separated from her me I was working on myself she still doing her going out partying having fun. While I’m staying home since I have my business at home. She had no care in the world. Then one night guess spirit or higher power came said don’t be afraid blue purple spinning clouds crown pineal chakras opened up. And boy it’s been rough. But I try thinking she be able to talk she yells raises her voice I walk away. I’m not that person anymore to argue. To where I said finally I’m sorry I’m not going to wait around while you keep doing what your doing and me being unconditional love waiting on you and be hurt all the time. We all deserve love but she chose to ignore her spiritual life path with our connection so idk what’s going to happen now

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