Best Twin Flame Books [and What to Avoid]

With so much misinformation and disagreement over the twin flame journey, I think a deep understanding of the twin flame journey will not only make your journey to union faster but also a lot easier (on both of you). These are some of the best twin flame books (in my opinion) which can help guide you forward.

I’m also going to have to talk about some of the problems with some of the books out there (and what you really need to look out for).

If you just want my list of top picks you can scroll down a bit (or click on the contents link) but I do want to start with some of the risks of some of these books and what I do think you should look for.

The (Potential) Problem With Twin Flame Books

I’m not going to mention any names here (I don’t think mud-slinging helps any of us). But before I mention any of the books I do suggest I think we need to address the problems out there.

We don’t know everything about the twin flame journey. Sure, some things are clear but if you spend any time with the community it doesn’t take long to see how opinions and beliefs differ. It’s (usually) smaller things but we don’t all agree about certain aspects.

And this is fine. I completely encourage it. When I talk about aspects of the path I draw my advice from my own personal story and the thousands of twin flame stories I see. I spend a lot of time with the community, know a lot of people and see consistent patterns and synergies just because I’ve been around so long.

I still don’t pretend to know everything about the journeyI think you should be wary of anyone who claims they do.

I rarely speak in absolutes when it comes to subjects we can’t be absolute about. I don’t claim to have some insider knowledge that isn’t available to you. Things like my twin flame coaching are based on my experience of the journey. Not on esoteric claims that I know what is really happening on higher dimensions.

I consider myself a spiritual being. I’ve been practicing things like astral projection for a long, long time and I think I see insights to certain parts of my own journey but I don’t want to tell you what to believe.

Many ‘twin flame’ books out there are… let’s say slanted. They give their opinion on the journey. Build themselves up as an expert or claim certainty in areas where we can’t really be certain.

Be wary of any of these kinds of books. I know we all want answers and maybe there’s a comfort to being told exactly what is going on but I don’t think that’s going to help you in the long run.

Just be aware of this when you’re looking for a book.

What You Should Look For in a Twin Flame Book

twin flame bookFirst (the obvious) know what you want from the book.

Are you new to the journey and just want to understand it?

Do you know what you’re dealing with and you’re just looking for advice on how to take that next step and further your path?


There are books specific to the twin flame journey (many of which suffer from the problems above) and there are (more than a few) books dedicated to self-improvement which is indirectly related to the twin flame journey.

The twin flame journey is one of healing and self-improvement so (technically) any book which helps you improve yourself (or inspires you to do so) is a twin flame book.

I’d avoid fiction books that use the twin flame journey as a plot point for longing and pain (there’s a few) and, as I said above, I’d be wary about any of the books making their own specific claims (there’s also a few of these).

I have a few suggestions below which might help inspire you but don’t take this as a complete list, more of a guideline. If there’s a book that speaks to you then follow your intuition, just keep in mind what I said.

What Are the Best Books on Twin Flame Relationships?

Shameless Plug: The Twin Flame Union Companion

I couldn’t not include this one on the list, could I?

Not a basic guide on what a twin flame is (because I talk about that kind of stuff on the site anyway) but a complete collection to help you work towards union with your mirror soul.

It doesn’t focus on the terminology or the same old stuff covered constantly. It’s entirely focused on focusing you on the important parts of the journey to reaching union with your twin.

Not a physical book (though you could print it if you’re like me and like to turn physical pages) because I wanted to include the audio files and have everything in one place.

You can find it here.

Twin Flame Guidebook: Your Practical Guide

I’m not affiliated with this book, nor do I know the owner but if you’re going to pick a book specifically made for the twin flame journey – this is one I like.

It’s equal part the writer talking about their own journey and sharing their experience and advice on furthering you own. Maybe it’s because this is exactly how I like to talk about the journey, but this one spoke to me.

If you understand twin flame relationships and the mirror soul journey in general there won’t be anything groundbreaking for you here. It can be nice to see someone else’s experience broken down like this though.

If you’ve just encountered the journey it’s a pretty friendly guide to the basics which isn’t going to require you to already know a lot of spiritual concepts in a friendly tone.

I know at least one twin flame couple who used this book to tell their twin flame about the journey. They didn’t know how to put the connection into words so they just handed them this book and walked away. Not sure that’s my first suggestion but, hey, it worked for them.

Raise Your Vibration: 111 Practices to Increase Your Spiritual Connection

This one is not specifically a twin flame book but can really help your twin flame journey.

It offers advice and practices on increasing your spiritual journey from listening to your own intuition, approaching a balanced lifestyle and manifesting the life you want without hurting others. It doesn’t need to use the term twin flame to be talking about exactly what you need to do to further your own journey.

Spiritual without being ‘preachy’ if you know what I mean. It’s an easy read and breaks down some core concepts which will help you focus inward which is exactly where our attention needs to be on a twin flame journey.

The Origin: Symposium

plato symposium

I’ve seen people call this one a must-read but I (personally) think this one is more just out of interest than anything else. It might help give some insight into the journey but wouldn’t be the first book I’d suggest if you’re new to the journey.

If you ever hear anyone (myself included) talk about the origin of twin flames then you can be sure they’re going to bring up Symposium, by Plato. Probably the oldest book on the concept of twin flames (or, at least, one of the more blatant ones).

I’ve already dived into many of the references to twin flames throughout history when we looked at the origins but Plato had one of the more obvious ones. It won’t use the term ‘twin flame’ but you’re going to see why he’s often brought up in this context so often and it can give an interesting insight into the journey you’re on without being too explicit about it.

Other Books

Twin Flame Romance Novels

There’s a whole bunch of twin flame romance books and novels that are more fiction than anything else. I can’t review these myself as they’re just not my kind of thing. There’s no real problem with reading them for enjoyment but don’t allow these to guide you or your journey. Draw the line between fiction and a spiritual journey.

Some are more accurate than others and some are closer to fiction than reality. Again, all fine as long as you’re aware these are fictional books. Don’t try comparing your own journey to a fictional character, that won’t end well.

There are twin flame movies (kind of) and you’ll hear the term soul mate banded around Hollywood all the time (completely overused). It’s the same thing, entertainment at best.

Self Help Books

There are bestselling books like “Unf*ck Yourself” which will never use the term twin flame or mention much in the way of spirituality. However, they’re the unsung heroes of this kind of journey because they focus on improving themselves.

Whether you are trying to further a spiritual journey or not – any book which helps you better yourself is going to further the journey. It doesn’t need to focus on the things we commonly talk about like twin flame karmic debt or past life trauma.

If a book helps you become happier and healthier, it’s going to help your twin flame journey too.

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