Are You A Starseed Twin Flame? 10 Signs To Look Out For

Ever wondered if you’re a Starseed twin flame? Your intuition might be guiding you toward achieving that realization. Being a Starseed mirror soul means you have not only one sacred mission but two.

You’re meant to achieve divine union, as all other twins. But you’re also meant to uplift and upgrade the energetic frequency of our 3D world.

What Is A Twin Flame Starseed?

Twin flames are very rare. The Starseed mirrored soul bonds are even rarer.

One doesn’t necessarily imply the other. You’re not a Starseed just because you’re a twin, and you’re not a twin just because you’re a Starseed.

What Is A Starseed?

twin flame starseedStarseed souls are visitor or traveler souls. These souls originate from other universal core energies and higher dimensions, different from Gaia or Mother Earth.  You can think of these souls as alien souls that came into our world. As travelers, our outsider energies carry with them energetic frequencies that are different from Gaia’s.

In fact, the whole goal of a Starseed’s soul is to share with or populate the rest of the universe with their energetic frequencies.  The civilizations these souls originate from are highly evolved. By traveling through the universe, they can share their wisdom and growth with other energetic civilizations.

As a Starseed, you enrich the world you’ve incarnated into with your special energetic vibration. Simply leading your life and being who you are is going to upgrade our world essentially.

Note: This is where the overlap really seems to kick in. Twin flames naturally improve their own lives and the lives of those around them. Many believe their whole purpose here on Earth is to drive humanity forward.

Is A Starseed Different From A Lightworker?

Some assimilate the Starseeds into the larger spiritually-aware category of lightworkers. I see Starseeds as a category of their own. As a Starseed, there’s something very different about your soul.

The point of origin for your souls is different when you’re a Starseed or a lightworker. Lightworker souls originate from the higher dimensions of Gaia or Mother Earth. They vibrate with the energy of Gaia as a result of coming from her core higher dimensional entity.

Starseed souls originate from outside of Gaia’s core energy. They have a different vibration to them. That’s because their source of energy is not Gaia. It comes from somewhere else in the infinite Universe.

If you feel unsure about the path you are on (and who can blame you), a twin flame reading might help give some guidance.

Can a Starseed Be a Twin Flame?

This is one of those areas where you’re going to find people disagree, and beliefs will vary. I’m wary of anyone who speaks with certainty here, but my personal belief (and I think those of most others) is yes.

I believe a twin flame can absolutely be a Starseed. We hear a lot of stories where experiences are just so similar. Maybe it’s a coincidence. Maybe there’s a reason the two overlap so much.

Is My Mirror Soul A Starseed As Well?

If you are a Starseed, your mirrored soul is definitely a Starseed as well.

As twins, you are fragments of the same soul. That means you originate from the same energetic source, whether it’s Gaia or someplace else.

The same goes for your karmic soul family members and your spirit guides. These are all energies that you’re closely aligned with on a soul level. So if you’re a Starseed, they likely are too. They’re an extension of you, or, more accurately, you’re all an extension of each other.

You might not have realized that you’re both Starseeds. Or it might happen that you don’t both identify as such. One of you might identify as a lightworker and the other as a Starseed. That can happen.

But keep in mind that how you identify spiritually is something connected to your knowledge, self-exploration, self-development, and conscious awareness at that particular point in time. It can change, grow, and evolve. But your soul’s deep and authentic essence is always going to be the same, regardless of anything else.

And the deep and authentic truth of your souls as flame divine counterparts is simple: you’re part of the same soul, so your souls are the same, in that sense.

How Does Being A Starseed Change The Twin Flames Journey?

As Starseed twins, you can experience some particularities on your journey.

The mirror soul’s journey toward achieving divine union with your counterpart doesn’t change. Sure, the nature of your soul can cause some differences in your case. But you can expect the same essential twin flame stages as other mirror souls. Some might say that, as Starseeds, you can navigate some of these stages a bit differently.

You tend to stand out more and therefore might connect more easily in the 3D, for instance. You might find the separation phase slightly more bearable since you’re already souls separated from their original energetic source.

In the end, the journey is very challenging and tough for all of us. It’s how it’s supposed to be in order to trigger growth, development, ascension, and finally, union and merging.

10 Signs You Might Be A Starseed Mirror Soul

twin flames co-createYou might find that one or more of these signs apply to you. But if neither of them does, don’t take it to mean that you’re not a Starseed twin.

Follow your intuition and insight. In the end, nobody else will know better than you the deep and authentic truth of your soul.

  1. You have recurrent feelings of belonging to some other place. (Not to be confused with the ‘normal’ twin flame pull of feeling like something is missing).
  2. You often feel homesick wherever you might be. The only thing that alleviates that feeling is your twin’s higher self or 3D self, keeping you company.
  3. Stargazing, astronomy, and space-related things bring you a sense of comfort.
  4. You have special takes on things other people tend to see in some common way.
  5. You often realize you process and understand complex information at a faster speed than others.
  6. Inspiration flows through you easily and often. You might express that through art or creative insights and ideas regarding topics like spirituality, technology, medicine, or any other scientific field.
  7. You might process some stages of your twin flame journey at a particularly fast pace, for instance, the flame telepathy stage.
  8. You might have detailed and potentially recurrent dreams of a world very different from the 3D we know.
  9. Astral travel might be considerably easier for you and your twin than others.
  10. Special energetic upgrades for you might often tend to coincide with particular astronomical events.

Further Guidance

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In Short

As twin Starseed souls, you have two sacred missions. You go through the flame journey much like the rest of us. But simply being you have a special effect on the world you live in.

As if the twin flame’s journey wasn’t challenging enough all on its own, right? 

Don’t worry, though. You were literally born for this. Your twin souls are uniquely prepared to go through this difficult journey and ascend as a result.  You are a true blessing to your twin and the rest of us. Follow your intuition and embrace your wonderful journey.

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