Are Twin Flames Meant to Be Lovers?

Your twin flame connection is a bond of spiritual unconditional love that transcends lives and keeps bringing you back to one another, but are twin flames meant to be lovers in every life?

While your love bond may or may not be romantic during the human experience, twin flames are always together on a spiritual level. In many cases, they are also together in the 3D, in one capacity or another. Whether it’s a lover or not, your twin flame is always in connection to you. And regardless of the details of your 3D experience, your twin flame always loves you on a higher dimensional level.

How that is expressed in the 3D relationship blueprint you’re working with depends on a number of factors. Depending on that blueprint, it might be beneficial or detrimental to your soul bond to last together. But whatever the details of your 3D experience, always remember that you’re meant to last together on the soul’s level.

Are Twin Flames Meant to Be Together?

Twin flames are meant to achieve union at some point during their lives. In that sense, yes, twin flames are destined to be together and not only achieve union but achieve merging as well.

The bond of unconditional love and the energy cord between the twin flames makes their connection indestructible. That means that on an energy level, you and your twin flame are always connected to one another, whether you’re together in the 3D or not.

When twin flames are around each other they always feel it, whether they’re aware of their true sacred mission of union or not yet. Sometimes, that means they’re likely to be lovers and sometimes not. You need to keep in mind that unconditional love comes in many forms, not just as partner to partner romantic love.

Always Together in the Spiritual Realm

Your high-frequency twin flame divine love makes the relationship between you a spiritual one, first and foremost. Since your soul and that of your divine counterpart are connected on an energetic level, you share experiences, feelings, even twin flame telepathy, on a spiritual level you are always together. That connection is independent of the details of your current human experience or relationship.

Depending on the relationship blueprint you’ve taken on during this human experience, you might be in love with your twin flame and they with you. You might be your twin flame’s partner, even. But you could also have another type of relationship and still be together, like best friends, parents/children, apprentice/mentor. All of those twin flame relationship blueprints are still bringing you together, just not on a romantic level.

Your twin flame relationship doesn’t have to be romantic in order for you two to be together. In fact, romance might be one of many ways to achieve union. What matters is that your twin flame relationship processes whatever karma is left there and that you process all of the leftover issues from previous lifetimes. You’ll always do that together as twin flames.

How Do You Know If Your Twin Flame Loves You?

Does Your Twin Flame Love You?

Quite simply put, they can’t not love you. Whether that’s a romantic type of love during this human experience or not, that depends on a number of factors. But your twin flame always loves you on a spiritual level, at the level of their soul truth.

Your energy cord has encoded in it all of the love blueprints. In fact, one can say that your twin flame loves you not only at the highest frequency level possible but also in all ways possible. But keep in mind, we’re talking about their higher self here.

The 3D self might seem to not recognize you or even fall out of love with you. If your twin flame isn’t spiritually awakened yet and they haven’t become consciously aware of your twin flame’s bond, it may be tougher for your 3D self to process or even believe that they love you. On the 3D, they might not even be consciously aware of it yet. But that doesn’t change in any way the deep soul truth of your bond.

Are Twin Flame Relationships Meant to Last?

We’re tempted to believe in the “happily ever after” romanticized version of the twin flames bond, in which they are lovers madly in love with one another and they live together as lovers and partners for the rest of their life. That’s one potential scenario for one human experience, one of the later ones before they achieve union and merge, in fact. And in that case, it’s a relationship that lasts. But that’s one of many potential scenarios.

When the twin flames relationship blueprint isn’t that of lovers, but that of best friends, relatives, mentorship, or even adversity, the type of blueprint comes with its own karmic issues to process. In some cases, it’s beneficial for your sacred bond for the relationship to last and in others it’s actually detrimental, depending on your level of growth and development and on the karmic issues you’re processing during that human experience.

Even in the lover’s scenario, you still get the separation phase. Does that mean that the relationship isn’t meant to last? Maybe in the 3D it’s not, but you’re higher dimensional beings having a human experience. In higher dimensional terms, if you’re not meant to last together, then nothing is.

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In Short

Sometimes you wonder “Are twin flames meant to be lovers?” and find yourself dreaming of that beautiful happily ever after type of story. That’s your 3D conditioning presenting you with the generally accepted vision of happiness.

But your souls vibrate on a much higher frequency than that. Your bond is much deeper and more nuanced than that. Though you’re together for lifetimes and lifetimes, it’s not always as lovers and it doesn’t always manifest in a lifelong relationship. And that’s OK. Though having a happy life is wonderful and the collective wishes that for you, of course, your sacred mission is to achieve 5D union, not just 3D happiness.

Don’t think that simply because the relationship fell apart that means you’ve failed at your mission. Keep in mind that this is one step along a lifetimes-long way towards union. Don’t let the details of this human experience discourage you, beautiful heart!

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