Are Twin Flames Destined to be Together?

There’s an intense attraction between them, but are twin flames destined to be together?

Twins flames are destined to achieve twin flame unions, so they are destined to be together eventually, but that may not involve the current human experience. It might happen in another lifetime.

This is why I’m so against the idea of wasting this opportunity to reach union. If you’re aware enough of the twin flame journey you should be taking the opportunity to actually reach union.

Do Twin Flame Always End Up Together?

The short and sweet answer to that question is a definite yes. But when you get that answer, you have to keep in mind that these spiritual connections are not bound to human conventions related to time. In other words, they always end up together not related to the duration of a human experience but related to overall divine timing.

These soul contracts have magical alchemy about them. There’s the instant attraction to one another, which is a very physical attraction, but there’s also the spiritual path that you and your twin soul embark on. This deep connection and divine relationship lead to infinite wisdom through constant spiritual growth and development, over multiple lifetimes.

While we are part of the human experience, it might be tough to perceive the true nature of this beautiful connection. That’s only normal, since the human condition is by definition very limited, so it’s tough to truly picture a bond that transcends time and lifetimes. In those terms, of a lifetimes-long connection, twin flames always end up together.

It’s a seemingly instant connection as part of the human experience and at the same time an endless connection for the divine twin soul and the twin flame journey.

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How Often Do Twin Flames Come Together?

The journey towards union is a journey through incarnations and a continuous journey through life and numerous lifetimes.

Some twins come together during every lifetime and make slow progress with their journey. Others might not connect so often, but when they do they could make progress in leaps. Some twins make 3D contact but might not reach the stage of a healthy and harmonious romantic connection for lifetimes. The one hard and fast rule about the twin flame soul contracts is that there are no actual hard and fast rules. Twin flame connections are as unique as the twin souls involved.

How the twins interact during any lifetime when they do make contact in the 3D depends a lot on each of their levels of growth and development. Some of them struggle with lower frequencies that they might shed slower, which slows down their path towards achieving the union frequency.

Ascension towards divine union is a team effort that involves each twin’s personal journey and the journey of their connection. It’s like a dance. Some might move slower than others, and that’s fine too because the divine union is not a race. As a twin, you feel motivated to achieve it because the true natural state of your souls is that of merging. But it’s not a race.

You’re in a long game type of situation, and every human experience is a chance to make progress towards achieving your divine mission and life purpose: divine union.

How the Universe brings Twin Flames Together

How the Universe brings Twin Flames Together

There are a few types of situations in which twin flames can interact with one another or act separately in ways that actually bring them together.

Though it’s tempting to see the romantic relationship as the only type of relevant progress or sometimes even the end goal, it’s simply one step along a long and meandering way. It won’t be the end of the line as far as the union is concerned, either. But it’s a very important milestone along the way since the twins can make the most progress with their bond when their efforts are united and harmonized with one another.

Let’s see what sort of situations twins can find themselves in and why they’re all important to achieving the end goal of the twin flame journey.

Karmic Relationships

Technically, all contract-based soul connections are karmic in the sense that they are recurrent throughout lifetimes. In that sense, twin soul connections also have a karmic element to them, in the sense that each twin soul has karmic issues to resolve, and the energy cord between them also has karmic baggage to be resolved as a bond.

But as twins, having karmic relationships outside of your twin bond can actually bring you two closer together as well. Think of it this way: every person has karmic baggage. The more scenarios we go through that bring those issues up, the more chances we get to resolve those lower frequencies and clear our energies of them.

The dysfunctional relationships we might go through with people who turn out to be false twins, for instance, help us realize the true divine nature of the authentic twin soul connections. They help us reclaim our strength and take charge of our own path of spiritual growth. So while they might be annoying to us or our twin, karmic relationships are simply a sign that there’s still a LOT of work to be done for that particular twin. And it’s their job and responsibility to do that work for themselves.

A codependent relationship or “on and off”-again type relationship might seem like a twin connection to someone who’s still struggling with a lot of lower frequencies. False twins and karmic bonds are opportunities to make progress, frustrating and triggering as they may be. The sooner you see them as such, the sooner you’ll make progress on your path towards union as a team.

Soulmate Relationships

The connection between soulmates is a higher vibe type of soul contract. By its higher vibe nature, it helps a twin make more progress sooner towards being able to achieve a state of union with their twin.

Intensely lived soulmate relationships can sometimes appear to be a twin bond also because of their higher vibe compared to others. A divine soulmate relationship differs from a twin bond though, and we’ve talked about twin flame versus soulmate connection.

There can also be difficult soulmate relationships which can end up hurting us quite a bit. And if we don’t treat them as opportunities to grow, they can cause some serious pain. How we deal with chaotic soulmate relationships is going to dictate whether they slow us down or speed us up in terms of personal growth and development.

So whether you have a compatible life path relationship with a soulmate or a troubled one, in a way it keeps your flame relationships alive through your personal growth and spiritual progress.

Twin Flame Relationships

A part of how the Universe brings you and your together is a twin flame relationship. If you thought the end goal was to get in a relationship with your twin flame, you’d be wrong.

The relationship between twins is an essential part of the journey, true. But it’s not the end of the road by any means. In fact, it’s very common for twins to get together in a relationship and then break up. Then comes the consciously aware separation phase of doom, which is triggering as hell and thereby ushers in growth in leaps and bounds (and winces, I’ll say that!).

A lot of your path together is going to depend on your relationship. Parts of it might be romantic, parts of it might be best friends, depending on what blueprints your souls chose for that particular human experience. There’ll be different situations and circumstances you’ll encounter, and how you manage to work together as a team will influence the efficiency of your process of harmonizing with the divine union frequency.

Twin Flame Separation

The dreaded twin flame separation phase can include painful emotions, but they are not caused by the actual relationship as much as based on your ego and your unresolved shadow and inner child issues on both sides.

These issues lead to the twin flame separation phase, but while very painful, it also triggers so much of the growth that will lead to twin flame reunion.

This phase is by far the most triggering one. All sorts of issues come up, and the twins get the chance to resolve numerous pending issues which are in fact holding them back from harmonizing with the reunion frequency.

Twin Flame Reunion

When you finally get to the reunion phase of the journey, you and your twin have gone through multiple rounds of growth and development. And, let’s face it, you’ll have gone through quite a lot of growing pains too.

Achieving the reunion part of the journey won’t mean that all of your work is done, of course. You’ll still have to do some finessing work on your bond and the frequencies you’re dealing with and working through. But by this point, you’ll have achieved a true team dynamic that will support you in figuring things out together and finding solutions together that you can implement with all the more positive impact.

By this point, you’ll have made a lot of progress towards union and you’re very close to achieving it.

Different parts of your lives and journeys might seem separate or unrelated to your twin flames journey. But in fact, every single aspect in each of your lives is a chance to get closer to your union. The more you look at things that way, the more progress you’ll make towards achieving your divine union mission.

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