Angel Number 88: A Sign of Change For Twin Flames

As with any number pattern, angel number 88 for twin flames is a sign worth paying attention to. It’s not the most common pattern but one I’ve been meaning to talk about for a while.

The angel number 88 is a message from the angels that a period of abundance is about to enter your journey. You may have had times where you felt like you were in a rut and facing an imbalance. This is a sign you’re starting to move beyond this.

You’ll probably have seen the infinity sign as a twin flame symbol. So it’s probably not surprising that the number 88 carries meaning for the twin flame journey. While this angel number carries meaning in all aspects of your life, there’s some very specific guidance when you’re on the twin flame journey.

Angel Number 88: Meaning and Change for Your Twin Flame Journey

Your twin flame journey has likely been facing an imbalance of some form. You might have lacked the opportunity to see your twin properly or communicate as you would normally. This can be frustrating and worrisome but can often be part of a successful journey.

Now, new energy will help make up for what has been lacking. If you’re seeing this number pattern it’s a sign of change in the near future.

For twin flames, angel number 88 may mean:

  • Your twin flame relationship is going to be restored and balanced. This could be a return from separation or even a big move towards reunion.
  • You are entering a period of abundance. External forces might be turning in your favor.
  • It’s time for the next phase in this journey. Work you’ve done might have prepared you for this next stage or perhaps your twin is ready to take that next step.

Seeing Angel Number 88 and Combinations

As a two-digit number pattern, you might start seeing the number 88 almost anywhere. Where it should really catch your attention is when you’re consistently seeing it.

When you start seeing it in multiple places, or when the number 88 is accompanied by numbers that are significant to your personal journey with twin flames (e.g., 11:11), then angel number 88 may be a sign of change for you and your relationship.

Often there where or when is just as important as the number itself. If you keep seeing it around specific events or places (for example) it might be trying to get your attention towards something important.

Twin Flame Number 88: Balance and Duality

88 meaning for twin flames

Angel Number 88 means balance. The duality of twin flames, as well as the balancing that is necessary in order to maintain a relationship.

Angel Number 88 also indicates new beginnings and change for your journey with your twin. It means you are about to enter into an abundant period where your love will flourish.

The number 88 is a sign of change for twin flames. New energy can help make up for what’s been lacking in the past and is a strong indication of healing past trauma (a requirement for the reunion).

What Should You Do?

If you’re seeing the number 88 on your twin flame journey there isn’t a lot you really need to change. While some numbers might be telling you to change your focus or guiding you towards other areas, angel number 88 is more of a sign that things are going well.

There might be a warning to it. It can indicate another person (perhaps a false twin flame on either side) will try and get in your way or that there may be jealousy issues between you two. If this is not an issue for you, then great! You are on the right path with angel numbers guiding you along.

However, if this is a concern, the best way to handle it is by making sure both of you are on board with what’s happening. Stop worrying about the past and future as much (as tempting as that can be) because that will only cause more anxiety for your twin flame journey.

For the most part, this is a very positive sign for your journey. Keep the focus looking forward. There’s a great movement for your journey on the horizon and all the work you’ve been doing so far is going to be rewarded.

Getting Further Guidance

If you’re seeing angel number 88 and you’re looking for more specific guidance on your journey, tell me what you’ve been seeing so far and I’ll try my best to help.

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Related Twin Flame Numbers

While there is almost an unlimited combination of twin flame number patterns you might see on your journey, there are some common ones that seem to coincide with the angel number 88 and might be worth watching out for.

  • 44 The number of changes or metamorphoses: the transformation process from one state to another that is usually slow but can be sudden.
  • 55 A yearning for something else on a deep level (a common start of the twin flame journey or a sign of moving to the next stage). We’ve covered 55 for twin flames in more detail.
  • 101 Peace and harmony will be restored. A feeling that everything is as it should be with the world or life.
  • 118 New beginnings, think outside the box! Allowing for new perspectives and opportunities in life. Change becomes easier the more you accept it.

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