133 Meaning for Twin Flames

Seeing number 133 all over the place is a clear sign that the universe and the divine are trying to send you a message. It might be that you keep looking at the clock at 13:30 or at 01:33, you might flip pages of books and habitually land on 133, apartment numbers, address and/or license plates might catch your eye time and time again and contain some version of number 133. What’s going on?

Angel number 133 combines the meanings of numbers 1, 3, and 7 in numerology, transmitting a message of growth, spiritual progress, and power manifestation. Whether you’re in a relationship with your twin flame or not, you’re making progress towards ascension and manifesting your desires. You and your twin flame are slowly gaining awareness, clarity, and intention when it comes to your journey, which may result in a reaction of surrender or rejection.

If your twin is going through the rejection phase or you’re in the separation phase, seeing 133 is a message of hope and encouragement so you keep working on yourself. Your twin is slowly getting there too, surrender to the divine timing of the journey and send them waves of your one-of-a-kind unconditional love to support them through this demanding process.

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The 133 Meaning for Twin Flames

When it comes to numerology, number 133 is very interesting because it brings together the number 1 – which speaks about initiations, new beginnings, new phases, and spiritual integration – and the master number 3 – which speaks about efforts, overcoming karma, spiritual guidance from ascended masters, and ascension – and combines them into the reduced number 7 – which speaks about the full potential of manifestation and grasping the power of your spiritual destiny.

When it comes to twin flames, this number appears as a confirmation of your twin flame status, if you’ve asked for it. Or it can be a message that you and your twin flame are making spiritual progress and are getting closer to harmonizing energies in order to connect and/or begin a relationship in the 3D.

As with angel numbers, by and large, angel number 133 is going to come up for you in order to confirm and convey a particular meaning depending on where you are with your twin flame journey, too. So if you’ve asked about anything in particular and you keep seeing angel number 133 right after that, then it’s a loud and clear affirmative answer to your question.

133 for twin flames

Angel Number 133 for Twin Flames

When it comes to the meaning for the twin flame journey, angel number 133 speaks about growth, first and foremost.

Gaining Awareness and Making Progress

The sequence of incremental numbers is a clear sign of a path of growth and development on the personal, emotional, and spiritual levels. The pattern of growth may also speak about the growth of each twin flame’s frequency as a result of that growth and development we were talking about just now. Your frequency may be going higher and higher, which is an excellent sign in terms of your twin flame journey and progress towards ascension and union.

The incremental nature of the numbers in 133 may also speak about your twin flame making similar progress to yours. If they haven’t had their awakening to their twin flame destiny yet during this human experience, then it may now be closer than ever. Though awareness of the journey isn’t a necessary condition to actually making progress in terms of frequency, from a point onward it’s less likely to make much progress that fast without actually being aware of where you’re going, so awareness becomes important from a point onward.

And 133 speaks about that awareness coming in and slowly crystallizing into a clear understanding of the journey and each twin flame’s role in the dynamic of the soul contract. Mind you, with that awareness, can come one of two potential reactions: surrender or rejection.

Separation Phase

If your twin flame had a difficult reaction to gaining that awareness, it may result in them rejecting the journey either temporarily or for the long(er) term. Even if that happens, number 133 brings you a message of growth and development for them within that separation frame of mind.

With the help of ascended masters and their spiritual team, your twin is slowly coming to terms with the twin flame destiny and its role in their life. Though it may be frustrating to deal with this time of confusion and potential denial, keep in mind most of the shadow work and karma processing is actually happening during this phase of the experience. So this is not only important but vital to you both fulfilling your divine mission.

Seeing 133 a lot becomes then encouragement and comfort conveyed to you as your twin flame makes their way towards a deeper level of understanding themselves and the world around them, which in turn will bring about a deeper understanding of their sacred mission.

In the meantime, focus on your own growth and development, because at this point it’s crucial that you keep getting your frequency higher and higher. That helps you directly, but it also helps your counterpart and your soul contract by purging the lower frequencies of fear, anxiety, confusion, and isolation (common signs of twin flame runner pain). At this point, your high frequency is guiding light for your own and your twin’s development.

In Short

The 133 meaning for twin flames is one of growth, development, and encouragement to keep working on a higher frequency. With so much divine help readily available to either one of you, going through any phase of your journey can be a smooth ride towards harmonizing energies and getting closer to your union.

Just keep working on yourself and on your growth, and your counterpart will get there too in their own time. Keep shining out your unconditional love and support to them, as they will do too once they’re in a high enough frequency to get out of the muddled waters themselves. Trust your sacred mission and keep shining your divine light unto the 3D.

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